On relocating, or not

A story by Gillian B. White at The Atlantic, today, examines how once-unusually-mobile Americans appear, of late, to be relocating less and less. (I should note that this is about transferring one’s home to a new community, rather than about moving the parts of one’s body, though sedentary habits do seem to be increasing in both cases.)

There are a lot of musing I might post, relative to this. I once moved several hundred miles across the country to an area completely new to me. Before and since, there have been few extended periods in my adult life when I have not been thinking about getting out in search of greener pastures‚Ķ As of this May, however, I will have spent a decade living in the western part of greater Cleveland. And while I don’t feel committed to this region in any strong way, in the past year or so I’ve felt less and less conviction about going anywhere else. Circumstances may well change this, but for the time being, the sense of “meh, what’s the point” that White documents is one that I very much recognize.

That said, perhaps naturally enough I’ve decided I don’t really need to share any lengthy rumination at this time. I will, however, share one thing that I believe damn well would motivate me to relocate: if that’s what it took to avoid relying on Comcast for internet access, I would be boxed up and hauling out ASAP. For any who may need details, just check out arstechnica or DSLreports on almost any given day. Bottom line, though, the idea of dealing with that monstrous, evil shambles for something as important for my life as internet access? Hell no.

Even with most major US ISPs being, to some extent, shit, the thought of being a Comcast captive fills me with horror. I can’t speak for the rest of America, but, even amid a deepening geographic inertia there are still things that would get me moving.

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