America goes bonkers, contd.

Recently I wrote up a post about Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and the Overton window, but I have since decided to throw it all out. In a way, further reflection has convinced me that the whole Overton window concept may not even be useful any longer, as my earlier post was in fact implying, even if I hadn’t realized it. At this point I think a single “window” of what’s possible in American politics, at the national level, is not even accurate as a simplified model. It feels like a relevant update would now involve something out of a nightmarish video game, with multiple holes opening, closing, changing size, etc., simultaneously without any reference to one another.

Obviously Republican America has ceased giving any heed to any universal idea of what’s practical, or of anything else. I mean, what is there to say? The latest word from those pundits still attempting to make meaningful observations is that the GOP establishment is, now, preparing to embrace Donald Trump for president because they find him less offensively deranged than his leading rival. I’m not even sure what part of that sentence it would make sense to emphasize; it’s all surreal.

In the meantime, some kind of much more modest but still dumbfounding suspension of reason seems to be creeping through Democratic America. I’m certainly not unbiased, but here’s what I’m seeing. A growing number of putative liberal voices are

Maybe I’m just cherry-picking isolated incidents, but that’s about the best I can offer as evidence of what I’ve missed. And the more I look, the more I find that this conversation is playing out well beyond a few sources whom I happen to read. There’s also, as a bonus, the fact that team Clinton itself essentially introduced the concept of choosing advocacy of single-payer health care out of all the reasons to complain about Bernie Sanders… and, in fairness, I suppose that maybe this was tactically brilliant, as it does seem to be encouraging lots of Democrats to frame Sanders as the candidate with something to answer for, rather than Hillary, even when they themselves introduce Iraq into the conversation…

It just seems mad. Whether or not this argument is “working,” does it make any fucking sense that it should even exist?

If someone can explain to me that it does, please, be my guest. I may or may not secretly enjoy believing that I live amid the Mountains of Madness, but I assure you that I’m willing to test whether or not I would accept evidence of sanity, if offered it. For the time being, though, I’m not seeing it.

I suppose that fellow Democrats’ weirdness is, for whatever it may be worth, of an established type that at least may pass. What it’s tempting to call “Sanders Derangement Syndrome” is probably not exactly new, on a deeper level. I have the feeling that attempts to pre-argue with one’s own side rather than just honestly advocate what you think is best invariably lead down twisty paths, which is one reason I’ve become wary of “strategic voting” and all such concepts.

In the meantime, well, so it goes? I suppose that the best response I can make is to attempt to keep my own story straight, and see some humor in the contortions being attempted around me… along with the despair.

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