I talk with KWIT about my book

A few weeks ago I had a delightful conversation with Mary Hartnett of Sioux City, Iowa’s public radio station KWIT. She read my book Hancher vs. Hilton and reached out to interview me.

Well yes, of course. And thank you.

Our conversation aired on KWIT at some point, but Ms. Hartnett also kindly provided me with a recording of the interview. The file begins without any preamble, but it probably requires little more than “I’m talking with Matt Kuhns, about his book Hancher vs. Hilton: Iowa’s Rival University Presidents. Matt, tell us a little about Virgil Hancher‚Ķ”

One Thought on “I talk with KWIT about my book

  1. Judith Curtis on April 20, 2017 at 11:29 am said:

    How wonderful to hear you talk about your experience researching and writing this book and of course, I think I might recognize your voice anywhere. I did enjoy the book and am proud of you.

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