It was just 2016 a month or so ago I swear

Summer has basically been and gone since my last entry here. It feels like autumn already, too. With hurricanes, fire or drought afflicting much of the U.S., I have no complaints at all about an early autumn, itself, certainly.

But honestly, I scarce know where this year went.

Since… I think it was with the real intense push against Trumpcare in the Senate that things “went to 11” and stayed there. Since then, life has just been full, whatever happens. All day, every day of the week, every week.

I have obtained more than 130 signatures for the Fair Districts ballot measure. And that’s like a when-possible activity, that fits into such “gaps” in my schedule as I can identify.

This past week was relatively calm. Yet it included

  • distributing literature for Jeff Johnson’s campaign
  • handing out dog biscuits at the Lakewood Dog Swim
  • Live-tweeting a City Council meeting
  • an interview about Hancher vs. Hilton with Iowa Public Radio
  • Dropping by an open house about the Icebreaker offshore wind power pilot project
  • Visiting Senator Portman’s office (once again) to express my opinion
  • Putting together two extensive e-mail newsletters

In addition to ongoing activity for Tristan Rader for City Council, other campaigns and projects I work on, plus some modest amount of paying, professional work although fortunately this is traditionally a slow time of year (in that sphere).

It’s like truthfully, I can’t even.

I have already borrowed this remark by Warren Ellis a time or two, this year, but it seems only to grow more fitting.

I’m massively overworking, everything’s happening at once, the world is on fire and it’s giving me life.

What’s particularly funny lately is how genuinely valid the last handful of words seem to be. It is giving me life, I think. It’s difficult to imagine how else I maintain this level of activity on this schedule, and have been doing so this long. I strongly suspect that the feeling of constant purpose must be part of it. My use of psychoactive chemicals is not significantly greater (and is still entirely within the legal category also), so I don’t really see other obvious explanations.

The company of some really, really amazing people helps, but I would say that’s kind of tied up in the same overall context. Anyway.

Report Card Day for Senator Rob Portman

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