CLEcast, Sunday PD, busy busy

After a couple of actual radio interviews, last year, I recently gave my first podcast interview.

The excellent CLEcast listened to me talk about gerrymandering, and local efforts to put an end to it here in Ohio.

Episode 106 – Matt Kuhns – Fair Districts Ohio

I would really like to thank the hosts Dan and Brian, as well as Lakewood city council member Dan O’Malley, through whom I learned about CLEcast. I would also like to thank everyone involved in Fair Districts Ohio, and especially the incredible Westshore Fair Districts volunteers, whom it has been an honor to join in this important work.

In this same period, I also had a letter to the editor printed in the ; interestingly it has not been published online yet, so here’s a scan from the paper:

(Here is the dismally accurate Economist column which I referenced.)

Meanwhile, it has in general been a very busy and exciting first four months of 2018, despite the fact that the year is not even three weeks old omfg. Working for state legislative candidates, flitting among all kinds of groups and events, being an activist, keeping in touch with local politics, taking on yet more responsibilities for SwingLeft, trying to live up to my Volunteer Hall of Fame status for the Lakewood Democratic Club, chronicling events for the local newspaper…

Between the podcast interview and the letter to the editor, and on top of all this other stuff, I felt like this week really needed Matthew Yglesias or someone to come in and tweet “he’s running.” Because it would seem like an obvious conclusion, right?

So far as I’m aware, that isn’t the case, which is some relief. So much going on. So much.

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