Electropolis: “Murder & The Internette”

For anyone else out there who remembers Dean Motter’s early 00s comic book story Electropolis, and may have wondered about the “Murder & The Internette” online serial promoted on the first issue’s back cover…

…after 17 years I have an answer.

"Electropolis" Issue #1 back cover

“Electropolis” Issue #1 back cover

It never appeared online, anywhere, and most of it was never produced.

I have wondered about what became of “Murder & The Internette” (Electropolis was filled with puns and wordplay like this) occasionally, probably every time I’ve pulled the series from the shelf to re-read.

I know that I looked when it first came out, and thereafter, and probably a few times since. Recently I looked again, and was surprised by the near complete absence of any information, even after turning to archive.org.

But I did stumble upon contact information for Motter, himself, and decided to inquire; he got back to me promptly with the answer.

Basically, funding for production of the Flash-based online comic fell through early on. One episode was produced, but never published. (Maybe it will get online in some form, some day, but it has been 17 years…) Parts of the intended storyline were eventually adapted for a subsequent Mister X story, it seems.

So, for whatever other weirdos may some day go looking for answers about the mystery of “Murder & The Internette,” perhaps this post will help.

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