Halfway to 2040

It occurs to me this evening that I have now traveled through half of the four-plus decades which separated 1998, when I was in college watching Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, from the year 2040.

I suppose that beyond this I’m just belaboring the obvious, but it was 42 years away.

Now it’s 21 years away. The same number of years as separate me from that 20-year-old waiting eagerly for new story installments, one rented VHS cassette at a time.

Otherwise, there is probably little to add to what I wrote nearly eight years ago in 2011, about a half-completed fan project which petered out years before that.

Bubblegum Crisis 2040 is not a great work. In fact it’s probably little more than journeyman work. For the record; I suppose it took me at least a decade to recognize this but I did get it. It’s probably now in that same category as something like The Infinity War; an otherwise-forgettable work which I remember really loving in my youth, a memory which makes the work still special for me in some small vestigial way.

I still have an “informally produced” digital file version of the entire series, and a lovely poster which has adorned walls in four cities now. I don’t know if it will go back up whenever I move again.

I suppose that one or two tunes from the series may remain in my catch-all digital music rotation indefinitely, potentially until 2040 itself. We’ll see.

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