Meghan F. George for Mayor of Lakewood

I can supply plenty of abstract reasons to elect Meghan George as Lakewood’s next mayor. I think Meghan is genuinely better prepared, by professional experience, for the responsibilities of administration and management.

As a Lakewood resident, I think Meghan is definitely the choice to work on behalf of the whole community. She’s her own person; she has support from a broad spectrum of the population, including my friends and allies, but she is not dependent on any narrow faction. She was never appointed into office. She has cast good, independent votes on council.

Most important to me, probably, is that as an activist Meghan is the kind of person I want to deal with in government.

She listens, and considers people outside of her own group. Two years ago, activists made a big push against Lakewood’s pit bull ban. Meghan did not have ties to anyone in this, doesn’t even own a pet, but she researched the issue and decided that they were arguing for fairness, and stated her support. She backed that up with action on council.

She is reliably honest, even on details. It’s fairly easy to avoid being dishonest, I believe, but on a complex campaign I think it does take some effort to police inaccuracy and consistently fix it. That has been my experience working this this campaign, though.

Meghan has the bravery to do what’s right. Politically, introducing a resolution opposing the Ohio abortion ban was a risk, at best. She did so anyway, getting input from NARAL and accepting that this would mean controversy.

Ultimately, the record of good faith is the most important reason for me to support Meghan. It is a stark contrast with the record of her opponent, with which I am very familiar. Both campaigns are advertising many similar policies, this year, with the exception of a package of ethics, campaign finance and public record reforms which has clear support from Meghan and not her opponent. But above all, I trust her to follow through in office and to appoint people based on merit, who will see such policies as goals rather than as obstacles to goals.

Disclaimer: I provide professional services for Meghan’s campaign. I can say with all honesty that no one has ever bought my support, however. I have on occasion politely declined business from candidates whom I could not also vote for. The George campaign pays me reasonable but by no means excessive rates for specific work in which I am a qualified professional with as much as 20 years’ experience. All payments to me will be part of campaign finance filings, and if someone really wanted to know sooner I would certainly not conceal the details. While I am fairly compensated for professional services, meanwhile, I will emphasize that I have also done extensive canvassing etc. for the campaign, entirely on a volunteer basis.

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