Life and political struggle 2019

My life has reached a point where it feels like the year may as well end in early November. Because working toward the November election looms so large each year, consumes so much effort in every form, and this year even accounted for so much of my paid professional work…

I wake up about one week into November, not only with a jet lagged mystification about how I went from Memorial Day to late Autumn so quickly, but exhausted, and at something of a loss for what purpose these several more weeks in the calendar year serve.

With the 2010s closing out, it feels like I should review the past decade as well as the past year, but the past decade for me has mostly been the tale of two half-decades. The five years 2010-14 were largely personal: personal projects, solitude, lots of “me time,” personal life dramas, a lot of reading and writing and travel and reflection.

This began changing steadily each year, right from the beginning of 2015, in a way that almost feels scripted.

In 2015 a modest beginning but in retrospect one from which there has proved no going back. In 2016 a much more active Year Two. In 2017 an explosion (suggested for what it’s worth in December 2016 by the only Tarot reading I have ever received).

Last year, even more intensity: modest growth in campaign consulting work, perhaps a reduction in activism, more than offset by a huge effort in volunteering for both primary and general election. Trend continued this year. So many campaigns, and a ferocity to which I have never been quite so close, before.

This year saw the opposing faction in Lakewood get aggressive and dirty at a very short range, in a way that hasn’t really happened for at least four years—and was I think more personal than 2015, as well as more bruising for me. This time I was as inside the “war room” as anyone participating.

This was a tough election year in Lakewood, from my perspective, yet from that same perspective I can discern substantial if narrow continued progress, for a third year in a row. We will see what the actual campaign finance reports reveal, but the rumored numbers in the 2019 Lakewood mayor’s race suggest that the Meghan George campaign overcame an outright tsunami of money. I’m genuinely proud of contributing to the do-more-with-less achievement of our next mayor.

The Election Night party, after the results finally settled the outcome, was Something.

Now, though, here I am nearly two weeks later. Trying to start in on some of the innumerable deferred projects and housekeeping chores which piled up, but it’s difficult. The numbing feeling that The Hurricane is bearing down does not help.


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