2019 Year in Review

It was an eventful year, as they have become. So, an “official” year in review for 2019, in addition to the summary version as well as the decade in review which I have already posted recently.

Kind of like in 2017, this year included a single insane week in autumn which distills a lot. Within several days, in September:

  • I spoke up on behalf of facts when a candidate for office started repeating totally made up things on campaign literature—and then I experienced all kinds of blowback
  • I produced a crazy amount of work for candidates so that I could get away for an extended weekend
  • Flew out to San Francisco for said extended weekend, had a lovely time
  • But while there, not only was I fielding calls and e-mails and things, also the news blew up with revelations about a Ukraine edition of presidential wrongdoing

That week was insane. But it was not a wild anomaly in this year. Earlier in that same September, e.g., I had double endoscopies performed, followed by very unpleasant though fortunately temporary side effects from the procedure, and by GOTV for a primary campaign.

Me and my college advisor whom I had not seen in 20 years

In May, I got to speak about Hancher vs. Hilton at the Ames Public Library. Late this year, I began writing a fourth book, though we will see whether or not the project continues to completion.

On Groundhog Day

All of these people in my life. That’s so different from how it was in the first half of this decade.

Obviously there were the candidates and campaigns, not only in Lakewood, though my efforts here were intense. They were also unavailing in the majority of cases. But you win some and lose some.

Big year for hardware turnover. Camera bit the dust. Quarter-century-old CD player bit the dust. Replaced both, plus my ancient flip phone.

San Francisco cable car museum, so awesome

Without having any intention of doing so, I got drawn into Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for president, and I suppose on balance I’m very grateful that someone came along to provide that kind of hope and inspiration.

We need it, because I look around and things are pretty bad.

Since the election a lot of activity dropped off, substantially, and I’m not entirely sure when it will build back up or in what form, but that’s life as a freelancer and campaign flack. I have at least accomplished some needed housekeeping in recent weeks.

So that’s kind of how 2019 went. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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