Reality Check: DeWine, Trump, and the GOP

Taking reassurance from Governor Mike DeWine is a terrible mistake.

It’s understandable to want reassurance right now. There’s a pandemic, everything is closed, life has been transformed in a matter of weeks and things are going to get worse.

But there’s a reason this is happening. COVID-19 itself is a natural phenomenon, but human choices shape its impact dramatically. America has literally done the worst job in the world of managing this pandemic:

(Graph from The Financial Times, I think)

The irresponsibility and corruption of Donald Trump is “upstream” from the tremendous flood of harm, now coming America’s way.

But the Republican Party is “upstream” from this nightmarish presidency.

Years before Trump, the Republican Party embraced a politics of dishonesty, bad faith, and sabotage. The story of the Affordable Care Act is an example of all three. Republicans refused to engage with healthcare reform at all, they happily spread lies among the U.S. public, they spent years working to sabotage healthcare policy for millions. (They’re still trying.) In 10 years they have never offered any constructive alternative.

This deprecation of reality paved the way for Trump, to become and remain president despite every new demonstration of the harm which results. DeWine has been part of this. He joined in the efforts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. He defended voter suppression efforts, and gerrymandering.

If DeWine were still in the Senate, he would certainly have voted against removing Trump from office, on the very day of a briefing in which the Trump administration demonstrated how indifferent it was to pandemic warnings. Right now, Mike DeWine is a state co-chair of Trump’s reelection campaign.

Mike DeWine gets up every day and decides that partisan motives are more important than all the institutions, and people, who are harmed by the Trump presidency.

I could pick at the exaggerated belief that DeWine is doing a great job responding to COVID-19 as Ohio’s governor, but the bigger picture is that he supports continuing the bad job which the Trump administration does with everything.

DeWine is competently leading a local fire brigade, at the same time he’s a dues-paying member of a national arson gang. Please let’s keep this straight.

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