DIY San Francisco Treat

Waltzing through la la land remains the apparent zeitgeist of the present, and I don’t know what more I can really say about that right now.

So how about a cooking blog diversion to switch things up.

Short version: You can make DIY rice-a-roni just like the box version, the contents of which you replace with half a cup of rice, half a cup of broken-up thin spaghetti, and about a fifth of a cup of chicken bullion.

That’s mostly it. If I were e.g. filling time on a cooking show, I might add details such as being careful to avoid too much rice. Err on the side of less-than-half rice in the cup of grains, and slightly more-than-half pasta. Also err on the side of slightly less than a cup, combined, of rice and “vermicelli.”

Speaking of vermicelli, I presume one can buy this somewhere, but it’s much easier to find thin spaghetti. So I buy that, and patiently snap off short segments; close enough.

One-fifth of a cup is an approximation (unless you have a very unusual set of measuring cups) but one-fourth of a cup of chicken bullion is definitely too much. The result is edible but really salty. I aim for about one-fifth of a cup, then dash some season salt on while cooking because why not?

The result of this is not precisely like rice-a-roni from the box, but it’s very close. It’s good. It’s also more work, and probably just about as expensive, since a box of rice-a-roni is cheap. But, you know, we have passed the time how we can over the past year.

As a last note, I brown the rice and pasta with olive oil rather than butter or margarine, but I was doing that before last year.

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