2021 Year in Review

At some point, this year, I scribbled the random thought that if 2020 was the year when everything happened, 2021 feels more like a false year when things didn’t happen (though not a year in which nothing happened).

I don’t know. This month I started a year-end letter to a pen pal of some years with “what the fuck.”

When did 2021 even begin? On one hand, it feels (and felt) kind of like everything before Inauguration Day was a collective holding our breath since the previous autumn. The morning of January 20 I had a variety of awful physical symptoms but ultimately concluded that it was just shock at the day actually arriving when the nightmare of President Trump ended. On the other hand, that aside, the nightmare has not really ended.

Personally this was like a good year, in some ways, or at least a prosperous year. This was a decent year for freelancing, including the past several weeks which I expected to be a post-election lull and which have not been. Not only did I replace my car in 2021, with a newer better car that I still really like so far, but somehow my decision to go ahead in early summer rather than wait for the market to clear (lol) actually turned out to be an excellent decision. (WTF?)

I worked for some campaigns and mostly it was no big deal for once but I got satisfactorily paid. I got to leave this disaster and briefly visit a functioning modern country for the first time in more than five years. I have started writing another book. Late in the 2021 pandemic winter I organized a virtual how-to-Twitter event which people actually watched. Since then I have gotten three covid19 vaccine shots which places me among Earth’s relatively fortunate. I made it to getting vaccinated!

As far as I know I have still preserved an artful dodger record of zero covid19 infections.

This was a more queer year for me among others.

Otherwise, yeah, uh, what the fuck.

The worst part about the general toxic rot ongoing around us is either that I can’t really regard myself as stunned by any of it, at this point, or else that so few people really seem to respond.

I can look back at my posts here last year and I was already effectively writing off the idea of a meaningful “turnaround” for America, and that was back when we believed the forecasts of things like “Ohio tossup” and “Democrats can’t possibly lose ME-SEN.”

This year… things are basically carrying on at least as awfully as I expected and yet, most of us seem to be at a loss for what to do about it. As I posted the other day on Twitter, the investigators getting popularly pilloried for inaction are actually doing the best job of just about anyone of responding to the assault on liberal democracy.

I haven’t written much here about the total fiasco of Ohio redistricting reform, and I don’t know what there is to say except that no one besides me even seems to be reckoning with that reality. For everyone else, apparently good intentions and the friends we made along the way are all that matter.

Almost everywhere I look, I see an exposed Wizard of Oz, not even noticing that he has been exposed but simply carrying on with the act as though no one can see the man behind the curtain and he truly believes that he is great and powerful.

On January 20, at the completion of the non-peaceful transfer of alleged power, I finally ended the news and events chronicle I had been keeping almost daily for four years. I also knew that nothing was really “over” or “solved,” and I started a new one; the first two words under January 20, 2021 are:

“False dawn.”

False dawn, false culture, false leaders, etc., etc.

I don’t know what to do about it.

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