Hancher vs Hilton Q&A

Did you interview the Hancher family?
The University of Iowa Alumni Association contacted surviving family of President Hancher, and extended an invitation to contact me about my research. They chose not to do so, and I have wished to be respectful of their decision.

Why is this not published by Iowa State Press?
Iowa State Press was effectively sold to Blackwell Publishing in 2000. (Technically this was a merger, although Blackwell made a payment to Iowa State University as part of the terms.) Blackwell was, in turn, subsequently purchased by John Wiley and various legacy lines including Iowa interest have been discontinued.

Do you know that you mis-spelled Carrol/Carroll?
Until 1977, the local newspaper in Carroll, Iowa was published as the Carrol Daily Times Herald, with a single letter “L.” I made an editorial decision to use the town’s name (and the spelling used by the contemporary paper) as the option less likely to look like a typo.

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