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Sequels to The Time Machine

Alongside my collection of Sherlock Holmes works, I have a similar if smaller “project” in progress with one of Holmes’ literary contemporaries, The Time Traveler.

I presume that most literate readers will have at least some vague awareness of H.G. Wells’s classic story “The Time Machine.” It has been adapted into film a few times, and I think one or two of the concepts have even taken on a life of their own. (I don’t recall when I first read the original story, but during my adolescence I was probably much more familiar with “Morlocks” as an X-Men concept.) In any event it’s something of an ur-time-travel story, almost consciously so. Its protagonist is, in fact, identified only as “The Time Traveler.”

I highly recommend this story to those who may not have read it. For those who have, and might be interested in various authors’ sequels, I offer a few notes on my readings thus far in this submicrogenre.

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