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Ian McKellan as “Mr. Holmes”

Watching the travel sequence that opens Mr. Holmes I couldn’t help laughing a bit at repeated shots of the elderly detective frowning with disapproval, at basically everything around him, until he arrives back to his home and his bees. Having spent much of my time leading up to that moment mentally drafting criticisms of the cineplex, Valley View, the concessions, advertising, movie trailers‚Ķ I could not deny the amusing incidental caricature before me.

Aided by this I have decided to skip all of that, and take the opportunity to dwell on positive sentiments. I was most pleased with Mr. Holmes, and recommend that anyone interested in seeing it before the DVD release get a move on. (Given that, based on local schedules, it does not look to enjoy a long theatrical run.)

Sherlock Holmes represents a lot of things to a lot of people, so I cannot say for certain what anyone else might expect of this film, but it is definitely a departure from such standard as exists, particularly in movies. This is a contemplative, elegiac work; it features delightful moments of humor but little in the way of suspenseful plotting.

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