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Lego Dimensions: 1) cute, 2) duh?

At risk of starting a habit of posting dorky and nostalgic video clips, I want to leave a brief comment about this promotion for “Lego Dimensions.” (Thanks to The Outhouse for the pointer.)

This is a hoot, obviously. Doc Brown doesn’t seem exactly as I remember him, but 1) neither does 2015, 2) a whole lot of fun is had here, all the same.*

Watching for a second time today, though, I gave a bit more attention to the 20 seconds or so of super-quick-cuts near the end which promote “Lego Dimensions” more directly. For the video-allergic, this is basically a CGI visit to Mashup City, featuring Batman, Gandalf, Sauron, the Old West and, naturally, Dr. Brown, among others. And it occurred to me: isn’t this, at a basic level, much of the point of playing with Legos?

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