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Next generation’s buzzing

This really needs to be pasted into the scrapbook of my blog. Out of all the comments on this year’s Lakewood elections and my work in them and what may follow, I am so pleased at having helped make this possible:

Life and political struggle 2019

My life has reached a point where it feels like the year may as well end in early November. Because working toward the November election looms so large each year, consumes so much effort in every form, and this year even accounted for so much of my paid professional work…

I wake up about one week into November, not only with a jet lagged mystification about how I went from Memorial Day to late Autumn so quickly, but exhausted, and at something of a loss for what purpose these several more weeks in the calendar year serve.

With the 2010s closing out, it feels like I should review the past decade as well as the past year, but the past decade for me has mostly been the tale of two half-decades. The five years 2010-14 were largely personal: personal projects, solitude, lots of “me time,” personal life dramas, a lot of reading and writing and travel and reflection.

This began changing steadily each year, right from the beginning of 2015, in a way that almost feels scripted.

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Meghan F. George for Mayor of Lakewood

I can supply plenty of abstract reasons to elect Meghan George as Lakewood’s next mayor. I think Meghan is genuinely better prepared, by professional experience, for the responsibilities of administration and management.

As a Lakewood resident, I think Meghan is definitely the choice to work on behalf of the whole community. She’s her own person; she has support from a broad spectrum of the population, including my friends and allies, but she is not dependent on any narrow faction. She was never appointed into office. She has cast good, independent votes on council.

Most important to me, probably, is that as an activist Meghan is the kind of person I want to deal with in government.

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