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Warlock & The Infinity War

One curiosity of moving deeper into adulthood has been discovering what works remain interesting, and what things fade.

It feels natural enough, in some sense, that enthusiasms of adolescence and earlier may eventually be “outgrown.” But a variety of things that delighted me into my mid-20s have lost their charm, even though I don’t feel as though I’m categorically more of an adult now than I was, then. At the same time what’s left behind as still appealing, in my mid-30s, can be at least as baffling as the attrition around it.

I was reminded of this dynamic once more by the juxtaposition of two stories at The Outhouse. (A news-and-satire site arguably informed by a similar tension of nostalgia and “oh, wow, this is really bad” in everything it publishes.) While neither project is new, within two days I was informed that Kevin Smith is planning Mallrats 2, and reminded that Marvel has two films queued up with the title of Infinity War.

Boy, if you were intentionally trying to pair up two things that I gleefully, even obsessively loved for years and now just… don’t… I doubt you could do better than Mallrats and The Infinity War. Despite which, it has occurred to me that even amid the bleak, blasted-out post-enthusiastic landscape of The Infinity War, there is yet another survivor: after most of 20 years, I still think rather highly of certain antecedent stories of IW star Adam Warlock.

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Spider-Man on Saturday Night Live

So, by way of a long introduction, for a while now I’ve been thinking about posting some commentaries about some of the entertainments I own, particularly comics. While I hardly buy them lately, I have hundreds of them here, and I also have this blog… and it might be worthwhile sitting down to offer up some notes now and then, particularly on some of the lesser known items.

We’ll see how much more I feel like pursuing this idea, in time, but for now let’s open up the issue that has been the most persistent in demanding a post such as this… let’s open up Marvel Team-Up #74.

Spider-Man and the Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players!

I have no idea what Belushi is saying here, to his unseen antagonist, Marvel C-list villain The Silver Samurai.*

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