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Cotton’s Library art, charts and maps

Cotton’s Library includes, by my count, a dozen pieces of artwork. The majority of it is my own work, in some sense, if only because I produced my own hand-renderings rather than pay for (or outright steal) rights-restricted digital images.

The situation is similar for three charts and graphs, though in this case I produced new computer illustrations more for a combination of quality and clarity. For much the same reasons, I’m going to post those charts and graphs online, here. The ebook format, after two go-rounds, just seems to me like it is not a great platform for images. It definitely is not a great platform for large and/or complicated diagrams. The Cotton’s Library epub omits a family tree that appears in the print editions, and the Kindle edition—which is even less friendly to images owing to a range of devices that render a given picture anywhere from thumbnail size to enormous—omits that plus a map.

I don’t want anyone to be shortchanged, though, if I can help it. So here are nice, big PNG files that should (at full size) make everything nearly as clear as the print edition. First, the context of Cotton House in Westminster c. 1630…

Map of Cotton House in historic Westminster (London)

Click for larger image. (Based on research by Colin Tite)

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